Woman follows handbag with valuables into X-ray scanner

To prevent valuables kept in her handbag from being stolen during security check, a Chinese passenger did the unthinkable. She climbed into the X-ray security scanner clutching her handbag. A video showing the woman’s silhouette as she passed through the X-ray machine on Sunday went viral on the Chinese internet. In the video, she rides the machine’s conveyor belt and appears on the other side to the surprise of several fellow passengers waiting to collect their possessions. The bizarre incident happened at Dongguan station in Guangdong Province. The video has been watched more than three million times so far. Many internet users admonished her for caring money more than her own well-being. The powerful X-rays used in the machines are harmful to health. X-ray scanners are common at transport hubs and even at subway stations and bus stops in China.