Trump ‘betrayed’ Syrian Kurds by ordering troops pull-out

President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from north Syria before Turkey’s planned invasion betrays Kurdish allies, strengthens Islamic State and threatens US security, said four Republican senators, some of their colleagues in the House and a former administration official on Monday, according to media reports.

Trump’s pull-out decision was widely seen as an endorsement of Turkey’s planned offensive.

However, Trump defended his move, saying he would obliterate Ankara’s economy if it acts in a way he thinks inappropriate. The Pentagon then clarified that it is not endorsing a Turkish invasion. 

Despite being Trump’s ally, Senator Lindsey Graham called the troops pull-out plan shorted-sighted and a disaster in the making.

Graham even warned he would introduce a resolution against the pull-out of troops. He also threatened to impose new sanctions on Turkey if it orders troops to march into Syria.

Senator Mitt Romney tweeted that the decision exposes the US as an unreliable ally and facilitates the resurgence of Islamic State.

Senator Marco Rubio said the president’s wrong step will have implications far beyond Syria by triggering a broader and more dangerous regional war.

Graham, Romney and Rubio are members of the Foreign Relations Committee.

Senator Susan Collins said it was a terribly bad decision by the president to abandon Kurds, above, who always helped the US forces in the fight against Islamic State.

Republican House representative Liz Cheney said Trump committed a catastrophic mistake that eroded the gains the US made against Islamic State at great risk.

Representative Adam Kinzinger said that by withdrawing the US troops from the northern region, Trump gave Russia and Iran what they wanted.

Former US envoy to the UN Nikki Haley said leaving Kurds to die was a big mistake.

Amid criticism from his party colleagues, Trump found a supporter in Senator Rand Paul.

Paul tweeted that Trump has again fulfilled his promises to stop endless wars and have a true America First foreign policy.