Trump wants to identify and meet ‘whistleblower’

US President Donald Trump said in a series of tweets that he wants to identify and then meet the ‘whistleblower’ at the centre of an impeachment inquiry against him by Democrats.

A lawyer for the whistleblower tweeted that the individual has the right to remain anonymous and any move to identify him will be illegal.

Trump also wanted to meet the person who illegally gave inaccurate information against him to the whistleblower.

“Was this person (whistleblower) SPYING on the US President? Big Consequences,” Trump wrote.

House Intelligence Committee chairman, Adam Schiff, above, is telling “blatant and sinister” lies and he should be questioned “for fraud and treason”, he said.

The whistleblower’s name and designation are unknown but reports say the person is an intelligence officer.

Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire said at the hearing before the House Intelligence Committee last week that the ‘whistleblower’, under the existing law, will get certain protections and security clearance to testify fully and freely about the alleged wrongdoing by the president.

Trump on Sunday said that like every American citizen, he has the right to meet his accuser who made a proper conversation between two state heads look scandalous in his complaint.

Trump was referring to his phone conservations with President Volodymyr Zelensky on July 25.

On Saturday, he described the allegations and impeachment proceedings against him over a “perfect” call between two state heads as the single greatest scam in the history of American politics.  

In the complaint, the ‘whistleblower’ alleged that Trump pressured Zelensky to open a corruption case against Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden and his son Hunter dating back to 2015 when Joe was the US vice-president.

He also alleged that Trump withheld nearly $400 million military aid to Ukraine passed by the Congress until Zelensky started the investigation against the Biden family.

To prove that he has nothing to hide, Trump authorised the release of the transcript of the phone conversations with Zelensky last week.

In the transcript, Trump requests Zelensky to look into the case of Bidens since Joe had been bragging about how he stopped the then Ukrainian prosecutor from going ahead with the investigation into corruption charges against a gas company in which Hunter was a board member.

But the transcript made no mention of the military aid and a quid pro quo.

A day after the release of the transcript of the Trump- Zelensky call, the house committee released the whistleblower’s complaint in which the accuser said his complaint was based on statements made by White House officials whom he met during his routine intelligence gathering.

The accuser said he did not personally listen to the conversations between Trump and Zelensky although some officials heard it as is the practice.

Republican lawmakers and the White House dismissed the whistleblower’s complaint which was based on “second and third hand” information.

They also questioned the integrity of the ‘whistleblower’.

White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller said media is continuing to describe the individual as a ‘whistleblower’, an honorific the person hardly deserves.