Palestinian teen who hit Israeli soldiers gets hero’s welcome

Ahed Tamimi (pictured), a teenager who became a symbol of Palestinian resistance after slapping Israeli soldiers late last year, said her fight for equal rights will continue hours after she, along with her mother Nariman, was freed from a prison in central Israel early on Sunday.

Arriving in her home town Nabi Saleh to a hero’s welcome after crossing the checkpoint to the West Bank, Tamimi said Palestinians have to decide their own destiny.

Asked whether she will hit Israeli soldiers again, Tamimi, who is under probation and will be re-arrested for any repeat offence, said
such incidents will not happen if Palestine is free.

Tamimi’s father Bassem justified her behaviour saying such acts will continue so long as Israel denies Palestinians their happiness which is their independence and statehood.

Tamimi and Nariman slapped and kicked Israeli soldiers on December 15 last year and the video of their aggressive act went viral. The soldiers had been deployed in Nabi Saleh to prevent Palestinians from throwing stones at Israeli motorists.

Tamimi, then 16, was arrested four days later along with Nariman and her cousin Nour who was freed in March this year. Tamimi and her mother were given an eight-month jail term but released a little early because of administration issues.

Israelis hailed their soldiers for exercising utmost restraint in foiling the attempts of Tamimi and Nariman to provoke them.