Leaked UK cables on Trump spark uproar

After Britain’s ambassador in Washington called the Trump administration “dysfunctional”, “clumsy”, and “inept” in his leaked diplomatic cables, President Donald Trump tweeted on Monday that the US will no longer deal with him.

The tweet sent a clear message to London that the US president wants the envoy, Kim Darroch, above, to be replaced.

Trump had been critical of Darroch and he preferred a more pro-Brexit envoy to the US — someone like Nigel Farage.

In his leaked cables, Darroch said Trump is insecure, he has a short attention span and his career could end in “disgrace”.

.Officials in London should make their points simple and blunt while dealing with Trump, he added.

Since the envoy’s comments could undermine the UK’s ‘special relationship’ with the US, London officials were on Monday trying to find the source of the leak of the diplomatic cables.

The British government has expressed regret over leaked memos to the White House, Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said.

Trump did not miss the opportunity provided by the uproar over the cable leak to criticise May over her handling of Brexit.

May and her team made a mess of it by not listening to his advice and going their own way, Trump said.

Envoy was doing his job

Darroch was just doing his job by offering some insights into Trump’s administration in his confidential report. However, the leak did the damage as it could affect the relations between the US and UK.

A British source appears to have leaked the cables on Trump and it is seen as nothing short of treachery.

Some officials in London want Darroch to be sacked. Such steps will only demoralise honest civil servants who speak the truth and uphold their nation’s interests above everything.