India slams Pakistan PM for hate speech at UN

Pakistani Prime Minister received a stern rebuke from India for his “hate speech” at the 74th UN General debate on Friday.

Khan spoke more about India and Kashmir to whip up war hysteria. By threatening to launch a nuclear attack, he resorted to brinksmanship, said Vidisha Maitra, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN.

His speech was divisive in nature as he tried to portray the world in binary terms. It was about us vs them, rich vs poor, north vs south, and Muslims vs others, Maitra said.

The former captain of Pakistan cricket team attempted googlies by using words such as ‘pogrom’ and ‘bloodbath’ which reflected a medieval mind-set.

Khan seems to have forgotten the genocide perpetrated by Pakistan armed forces against its own people in the erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1971 under Lt Gen AAK Niazi, she said.

India’s message to Pakistan is simple: to speak on their behalf, Indians do not need a country which has built an industry of terrorism from the ideology of hate.

India is going ahead with mainstreaming development in Jammu and Kashmir.

Maitra posed the following questions to Khan:

*Would he deny he was an open defender of Osama bin Laden?

*Isn’t it true Pakistan is home to 130 UN designated terrorists and 25 terrorist entities listed by the UN?

*Will Pakistan acknowledge that it is the only government in the world that provides pension to an individual listed by the UN in the Al Qaeda and Islamic State sanctions list?   

*Can Pakistan explain why in New York, its premier bank, the Habib Bank, had to shut operations after it was fined millions of dollars over terror financing?

*Will Pakistan deny that the Financial Action Task Force has put the country on notice for its violations of more than 20 of the 27 key parameters?

Maitra also questioned Pakistan’s new-found role as a human rights champion after mainstreaming terrorism and hate speech for decades.

She wanted Khan to explain how Pakistan’s minority community shrunk from 23% at the time of partition to 3% today.

She said Khan should also explain why Christians, Sikhs, Ahmadiyas, Hindus, Shias, Pashtuns, Sindhis and Balochis are subjected to persecution and abuse and forced conversions.

Turning to Jammu & Kashmir, Maitra said India removed a temporary provision that blocked its integration with the rest of India.

Pakistan is seething over this because they do not want peace and progress for Jammu & Kashmir.