Woman undergoes surgery after kangaroo attacks family

Three of a family in Australia had to use broom, a piece of wood and shovel to resist a kangaroo’s rare attack which left one of them with a collapsed lung, broken ribs and other internal injuries, local reports say.

The incident happened on the family’s 60-acre land at Cypress Gardens on the Darling Downs, south-west of Brisbane, on Saturday night.

Jim Smith, a man in the late sixties, and his 64-year-old wife Linda Smith, above, (Image credit: Facebook) a wildlife carer for the past 15 years, were going on with the daily routine of feeding some 30 kangaroos and wallabies when a 6-feet grey kangaroo named Golly Gosh started attacking him.

Linda came to his rescue with a broom to scare away the animal. The kangaroo left Jim and started attacking her after knocking the broom out of her hand. Before she could gather a piece of wood and call her son for help, the kangaroo inflicted serious injuries on her. Her son hit the kangaroo on the head with a shovel and it ran off into the bush.

When reports last came in, Linda was recovering after undergoing surgery on Sunday in Toowoomba Hospital.

Jim was treated for lacerations while their son suffered minor injuries from the attack.

Linda told media from her hospital bed she does not want Golly Gosh to be hunted down and killed. She loves animals.

However, Lina said she has never seen a kangaroo so aggressive like Golly Gosh. It was not willing to back off.

Linda became a wildlife carer after discovering a joey which had lost its mother on her property.