Will Donald Trump order an attack on Syria?

All eyes are on US President Donald Trump as time is ticking away toward the deadline he set for military action against Syria.

White House said Trump has cancelled his first trip to Latin America to focus on his country’s response to Syria’s alleged chemical attack in Douma.

Russia on Tuesday again warned Trump at UN to come to his senses before carrying out an illegal military strike on Syria adding that he himself will be responsible for it.

If Trump is hell-bent on attacking Syria based on propaganda videos provided by White Helmets’ provocateurs on the alleged chemical incident in Douma, no one can stop him. But Russia wants western leaders who support him to ponder why Syria should use chemical arms amid the evacuation of militants from the last remaining Damascus suburb held by them. Such acts will only serve the interests of the militants.

At UN, Russia on Tuesday accused the US, France and Britain of putting forward a draft resolution knowing Moscow would not agree and use its veto as a pretext for military action.

Russia rejected the draft resolution proposed by the US for setting up a new panel that would team with Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to investigate who was responsible for the chemical incident in Douma.

Earlier, Russia proposed an independent investigation by OPCW inspectors on whether a chemical attack has taken place in Douma. The proposal failed to get enough votes for adoption.

Russian then asked the UN Council to vote on a second draft text calling for an inquiry which had already been rejected by the US and its allies.

Despite the tangle over OPCW investigation, inspectors of the global chemical watchdog are heading to Douma to inspect the scene of the alleged chemical attack. Russia and Syria have welcomed the inspectors and ensured them a safe passage to the investigation site.

The Syrian and Russian moves to involve OPCW came hours after Trump condemned the alleged chemical attacks and warned of action in 48 hours.

White Helmets’ filming site found

The Syrian army claim they have found White Helmets’ filming site in Saqba town in Eastern Ghouta where they produced propaganda videos. The army seized cameras and film production equipment from the site.

In March, Russian Ministry of Defence had warned of US military instructors delivering components for triggering a series of chemical munitions explosions under the guise of humanitarian convoys of a number of NGOs.

The instructors also trained militants near At-Tanf town to stage protests against the ‘chemical attacks’ and blame them on the Syrian forces.