When Russian runway became paved with gold

Some 200 bars of gold and other precious metals fell off a cargo plane and got scattered across an airport runway in Russia after the aircraft’s door blew off in high winds upon take-off on Thursday (March 15), Interfax reported. The Nimbus Airline An-12 cargo plane made an emergency landing in a village airport 12 kilometres away after it took off from Yakutsk Airport in east Siberia, airport officials said. Local YakutiaMedia news website cited witnesses as saying they spotted gold bars as well as diamonds and bars of platinum across the runway. Police arrived and cordoned off the area surrounding the runway. The gold bars came from Kupol mine operated by the Canada-based mining company Kinross Gold. All the cargo were picked up and none of the valuable cargo is missing, a Russian spokesman for Kinross, Stanislav Borodyuk, told Interfax. The value of the gold is estimated to be 21.6 billion roubles ($378 million). The bars were Dore, a semi-pure alloy of silver and gold, Borodyuk said.