Voters reject ‘Swiss law first’ and Cow horn initiatives

About 5. 3 million Swiss voters participating in two unrelated referendums on Sunday rejected the initiatives to hold the nation’s law above its international treaties and to allow cows and goats to wear horns.

Sixty-seven percent of voters said ‘no’ to the ‘Swiss law first’ drive supported by right-wing People’s Party (SVP), according to projected results.

SVP says despites ‘yes’ vote for constitutional referendums on restricting migration and expelling criminal migrants, politicians did not implement them on the ground that such changes violate Switzerland’s agreements with the EU and European Convention on Human Rights.

But other groups such as liberals and social democrats took a pragmatic view and voted against the ‘Swiss law first’ initiative.

They believe Switzerland’s position as an economic hub would become shaky if treaties that clash with the constitution are ignored.

In the second referendum, voters rejected the plan to subsidise farmers who let their cows and goats grow horns instead of chopping them off.

About 54.7% voters rejected the Horned Cow Initiative proposed by greens, leftists and animal welfare activists, according to projections.

The man behind this initiative, farmer Armin Capaul, did not comment on the projections.

Those who support Horned Cow Initiative argue that the cutting inflicts pain, and that cows with horns are healthier and happier. They also believe horns play a role in the metabolism, hygiene and communication of animals.

However, the government views cows with horns as dangerous to other animals and animal handlers. They urged people to vote against Horned Cow Initiative.