Virginia’s top Democrats in trouble over racial, sexual misconduct

The state of Virginia is facing an unprecedented leadership crisis after its Democratic governor and the first and second in line to replace him have admitted to racial or sexual misconduct.

Their misdeeds have come to light ahead of crucial budget session and elections for House of Delegates in November.

Democrats appear leaderless and lost and President Donald Trump tweeted Virginia will vote for him in 2020 presidential polls.

Virginians want Governor Ralph Northam and Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring, above, the second in line to replace him, to step down for wearing blackface in the 1980s.

Lt Gov Justin Fairfax, the first in line to replace Northam, is facing calls for his resignation over alleged sexual assault on a woman in 2004.

The three Democratic leaders, instead of putting up a united defence, are blaming each other for their misconduct.

It all started with Northam’s admission last week that he was in the photo on his page in his medical school yearbook showing a man in blackface and another wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood.

Northam later denied he was in the photo but admitted that he wore blackface at a dance contest to mimic Michael Jackson.

After the governor’s admission, Fairfax admitted that he had consensual sex with   

Vanessa Tyson at the Democratic National Convention in Boston. He, however, denied Tyson’s allegation that he sexually assaulted him. He said the two were mutually in touch after the incident.

But Tyson said on Wednesday that she had no contact with him after the alleged sexual assault.

The third admission came from Herring who said he wore brown makeup and a wig to dress up as a black rapper at an undergraduate party.  Herring apologised for the act which, he said, haunted him for decades.

Democratic voters in Virginia are angry as Northam, Fairfax and Herring are blaming each other over the incidents.

After Northam made the admission, Herring said the governor should step down.

Fairfax said the allegations against him are being engineered by Northam to clear his own name.

While the three Democrats keep shifting the blame, none of them seem to be in a mood to resign.

Adding to the chaos, the third in line to replace the governor, Republican Speaker Kirk Cox, has demanded the resignation of Northam and Herring.