US will win the race against China and Russia, says Trump

Raising the spectre of a new cold war, US President Donald Trump unveiled the national security strategy for his country by describing China and Russia as competitors trying to challenge US power, influence and interests.

In this “new era of competition”, the US will emerge victorious with its ‘America First’ strategy, Trump said.

To achieve this, he called for “a great reawakening of America, a resurgence of confidence, and a rebirth of patriotism, prosperity and pride,” as his administration released a 68-page document detailing its vision on security issues.

While the document attacked China and Russia for attempting to erode American security and prosperity and weaken US influence in the world by dividing it from its allies and partners, Trump hailed Russian President Vladimir Putin for his appreciation of a CIA tip-off which prevented a massive suicide bomb attack on a cathedral in St Petersburg this Monday. Thousands of lives were saved as Russia’s Federal Security Service personnel quickly arrested the plotters. Putin thanked Trump and CIA and ensured them that Russia will reciprocate if they chance upon any such plot against the US.

The new security strategy aims to protect the US from terrorism, drug-trafficking and missile threats, promote its prosperity, preserve its peace through military might, cyber-defence and diplomacy and advance its influence by encouraging democracy and development. Trump called Russian and China rival powers trying to challenge American values.

“We cannot secure our nation if we do not secure our borders,” Trump said hinting at plans to build a wall along the US border with Mexico and toughen its immigration policy.