US suspect leads cops to body parts of Japanese woman

An American tourist questioned by Japanese police over a missing local woman and a served head found in a suitcase confessed to killing and dismembering the 27-year-old before dumping her body parts in mountainous and wooded areas.

The suspect Yevgeniy Vasilievich Bayraktar, 26, from New York, led a police team on Sunday evening to Osaka prefecture and Kyoto.

Police found a woman’s naked torso and two arms placed side by side in the mountains of Shimamoto in Osaka Prefecture and a pair of legs in a wooded area in Kyoto’s Yamashina Ward.

They believe the body parts recovered belong to the missing woman. Investigation is continuing and Bayraktar may be arrested.

The 27-year-old unnamed woman in question from Sanda, Hyogo Prefecture, was last seen by her friends on February 15. As she left office on that day, the woman told them she was heading to Osaka to meet an American whom she had met on social media.

When the woman did not return home the next day, her relatives filed a missing complaint with the local police on February 17.

Police took Bayraktar into custody for questioning on February 22 after CCTV footage showed he was the last man the missing woman was seen with.

Security camera installed near JR Morinomiya Station in Osaka captured the missing woman meeting a man who looks like Bayraktar on her arrival around midnight on February 15.

The two were later captured on CCTV camera together entering the apartment building he had rented in Higashinari Ward.

The battery of the woman’s cell phone soon went dead and the police could not track her movements. The CCTV footage does not show her again.  The man is seen on the CCTV footage going in and out several times alone. On one occasion, he walks in carrying a big suitcase.

Police searched the room where the suspect was staying thinking that he must have kept the woman in illegal confinement. But they found no evidence there to nail him.

The needle of suspicion suddenly turned on the American again after the severed head of a woman was found in a suitcase on February 24 in another lodging where he recently shifted.

Bayraktar came to Japan in January as a tourist. It seems he had met several Japanese women on social media and visited the country many a time.