Trump’s ‘go back’ call to non-white ‘squad’ sparks outrage

A day after telling four minority lawmakers to leave the US to the “crime-infested” countries they came from, President Donald Trump on Monday identified the “US-hating”, “Al-Qaeda-loving” and “left-leaning” leaders.

Democrats condemned Trump’s “racist and xenophobic” tweets against congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York, Puerto Rican-American), above, Ilhan Omar (D-Minnesota of Somali origin), Ayanna Pressley (D-Massachusetts, African-American) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Michigan, Palestinian-American).

The four recently elected Democrats are bitter critics of Trump’s policies.

Trump stepped up his attacks on them, saying they can leave if they are not happy to continue living in the US.

The so-called progressive lawmakers constantly complain because they “hate” America. They also hate Israel and talk like communists. However, they like “enemies” of the US such as Al-Qaeda, Trump said.

Dismissing accusations that his tweets have racial undertones and are unbecoming of a president, Trump said he is least concerned about such charges because many people agree with him.

Trump’s latest attacks on the four lawmakers of colour are seen as an attempt to further strengthen his white political base ahead of the presidential election next year.

However, there were rumblings of discontent even among Republicans over Trump’s ‘go back’ remark.

Republican senator Susan Collins wanted Trump to withdraw his comment.

Another Republican, Lindsey Graham, urged Trump to “aim higher” and criticise the views of the four lawmakers and not personally attack them who are after all American citizens. 

Republican Mike Turner said every member of Congress is a committed American and leaders such as Trump should rise above hate while commenting on them, especially newly elected representatives.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Trump’s tweets prove he is hell-bent on making America white again.

Ocasio-Cortez said the tweet against her shows Trump is unable to think of an America that includes coloured political leaders.

Trump hit back, saying Pelosi was making a racist statement when she said he wanted to make America white again.

He said Democrats will have a tough election ahead if Ocasio-Cortez and others known as the ‘squad’ lead their election campaign.

Trump’s renewed attack on the four lawmakers happened during a White House business event.