Trump’s ‘excellent’ bill of health sparks ‘#girther’ movement

The White House doctor Ronny Jackson’s (pictured) “excellent” bill of health for Donald Trump has upset the president’s critics who now allege he was made one inch taller in the report to help him escape the “obese” tag.

They have launched an online ‘girther’ movement — a pun on the notorious Trump-led birther’ movement’ to prove that former president Barack Obama was not born in the US and, hence, not eligible to hold the high office.

The so-called ‘girthers’ argue that in the doctor’s report, Trump’s height was put at 6 feet 3 inches tall (1.9 metres). But a driving licence issued to him in 2012 shows his height as 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 metres). Considering Trump’s age, it is hard to believe that he grew taller in five years.

Girthers allege that Trump was made one inch taller in the report to put his Body Mass Index (BMI) at 29.9, just short of 30 for obesity. Trump’s BMI falls under 25–29.9 category for overweight.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn used the #girther hashtag to offer to donate $100,000 to charity if Trump stepped on the scale for a different doctor.

Some social media users and journalists question the expertise of Dr Jackson who examined Trump.

At his press conference, Jackson was asked how the president could keep himself healthy when he has little exercise and is hooked on fast food and Cokes.

The doctor said some like Trump have “great genes” adding that if Trump had a healthier diet over the past 20 years, “he might live to be 200”.

Trump’s supporters and closest aides say it is foolish to question the White House doctor. Several former White House aides of Obama too came in defence of the doctor.

Taking part in a TV show on Wednesday, Eric Trump said reporters lost their minds while questioning the doctor about his father’s health.

Eric said his father never smoked nor took alcohol in his life adding that he had one of the cleanest lifestyles.