Trump wrote own health letter, says his former doctor

A letter lavishing praise on Donald Trump’s health released during the US presidential campaign was dictated by the president himself, his former doctor for 35 years Harold Bornstein (pictured: Twitter) told CNN television. Bornstein’s note released by the Trump campaign in December 2015 described the future president as a man of extraordinary physical strength and stamina. Bornstein said Trump dictated the letter while the doctor and his wife were driving across New York’s Central Park. Bornstein had previously said he wrote the letter in a hurry but the language of the letter had raised eyebrows. White House is yet to comment on the doctor’s allegation. Earlier, Bornstein told NBC News that White House officials “raided” his offices in 2017 and seized Trump’s original medical records. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders dismissed the “raid” allegation adding that the White House medical unit was only following the standard procedure of taking possession of the new president’s medical records. Bornstein’s revelations came after Ronny Jackson, who dashed his hopes by becoming Trump’s White House doctor, recently failed in a bid to become Veteran’s Affairs secretary and said he will not return to his post as White House doctor.