Thai dog bounces back after he gets new legs

Cola, a Thai dog, has become the world’s first canine to be fitted with the pricey and light blade runner legs similar to the ones used by Paralympic sprinters, an animal welfare charity in Phuket claims. Within minutes after he got the new legs on December 1, Cola started playing with other dogs on the beach, says John Dalley, founder of ‘Soi Dog’ foundation that helps strays. Dalley and his late wife Gill brought Cola home when he was just six months old after a Bangkok resident chopped off his front legs for chewing up his boots.  Gill, who lost both of her legs after contracting septicaemia 10 years ago, was moved by Cola’s plight and asked the Scandinavian Orthopedic Laboratory which got her prosthetic legs to make a pair for Cola too.  Bengt Soderberg, owner of the lab, says Cola is the first dog he made bilateral legs for. The blades curl up in a ‘C’ shape, while the amputated limbs rest in a silicon socket. Gill died in February this year before Cola got his new legs.