Taunts for being bad cook drive Indian woman to poison guests at feast

Taunted by relatives and friends over her dark complexion and poor cooking skills, a 23-year-old woman in India on Monday allegedly took revenge on them by mixing poison in the food served at a feast killing five guests, including a 53-year-old man and four children, local reports say. Dozens of people, who complained of nausea and stomach pain, were treated for food poisoning in various hospitals and discharged later. The incident happened during the house-warming ceremony of a relative of the arrested woman Pradnya Survase in Mahad in Raigad district of Maharashtra in western India.  On being questioned, Survase told police she mixed a powder used to kill snakes into the lentil soup served to the final batches of guests. She said her plan was to kill her own husband, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law and two of their relatives who had been mocking her over her complexion and cooking since her marriage two years ago. But they survived because most of them had already eaten the food before she could mix the poison. Among the final batches of people who sat down for lunch were Survase’s sister-in-law Jyoti Kadam, mother-in-law’s sister Sarita Mane, and children of a relative Ulka Shinde whom she suspected of wrecking her first marriage as well as the present one. Survase tried to kill them by mixing the poison in the lentil soup. Mane and Kadam survived but one of Shinde’s children died along with two other kids. Two more guests succumbed on Thursday. More than 80 guests were affected after consuming the poisoned food.