Suicide pact suspected behind Germany’s crossbow killings

The deaths of a man and two women struck with crossbow arrows in a hotel room in Germany’s Passau city on Saturday could be a murder-suicide pact, local reports say citing prosecutors.

The mystery deepened on Monday with the discovery of two more bodies in a flat which belonged to one of the women found dead in Zur Triftsperre Hotel.

Torsten W, 53, Kerstin E, 33, and Farina C, 30, died in the crossbow incident, a spokesman for prosecutors said on Tuesday.

The couple, Torsten W and Kerstin E, were lying on bed hand in hand with the arrows to the heart. The younger woman, Farina C, who reportedly owned the flat in Wittingen in Lower Saxony, was lying on the floor with an arrow to her neck.

There were no signs of a struggle or forced entry by a potential killer.

If it was a joint suicide, Farina shot dead Torsten and Kerstin with a crossbow before taking her own life, the spokesman said.

Police recovered the wills of the three people and some arrows from the crime scene.

The three checked in on Friday evening. They had booked a triple room for three nights.

Torsten and Kerstin came from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

It was raining heavily on Friday night and none of the guests heard any sound from the triple room.

German newspaper Bild said the victims had a fascination for things associated with medieval period. Torsten ran a shop selling medieval-style weapons, flags and clothing.

During their investigation into the hotel deaths, police found the bodies of two women aged 19 and 35 in a flat in Wittingen on Monday.

They said the 35-year-old woman was the partner of Farina.

Police are investigating whether the deaths in the hotel and flat are interlinked. The relationship of the teenager with the two partners in the flat is also being probed.