Starving polar bear on iceless land a global shame

A heart-rending video (Watch the video) of a starving polar bear on an iceless land that went viral after it was posted to Instagram points to the deadly consequences of global warming. The one-minute video shot by Paul Nicken of the green group Sea Legacy shows an emaciated polar bear too weak to walk, rummaging a rubbish can used seasonally by Inuit fishers. Finding nothing inside, it collapses on the ground. Asked why his Sea Legacy did not save the dying animal found in Canada’s Arctic, Nicken said they do not go around with a tranquiliser gun or 400 pounds of seal meat. Polar bears need hundreds of pounds of meat to survive. With no sea ice platform to hunt seals, their primary food source, they struggle when they are stranded for long periods of time on land. Nicken said the entire Sea Legacy team was in tears while documenting the dying animal. He said by posting the video, he wants people to realise what a starving bear looks like.