Spaniard fined over Photoshopped image of Christ

A court in the southern Spanish city of Jaen on Wednesday fined a 24-year-old man $588 for posting Photoshopped image of Christ. Daniel Serrano from the Andalucia region was sentenced for hurting the religious feelings of a local Christian group by posting the offensive photo in April 2017. It featured Serrano’s face in place of the Cristo Despojado (Christ Disrobed) image, with nose ring and crown of thorns. Before filing a complaint, Brotherhood of La Amargura de Jaen asked Serrano twice to remove the Instagram post but there was no response from him. The public prosecutor’s office described the picture as embarrassing since it mocked the religious brotherhood. In an interview with a local paper Diario de Jaen when charges were brought, Serrano had said the whole thing was a joke and he had no intention of offending anyone. The idea struck him as he was playing around with a face-swap app, he said, adding that he was shocked by the outrage it caused. Prosecutors had originally called for a fine of $2,650 but reduced it to $588 and ordered him to pay $2.45 a day over nine months. Serrano recently got a job of picking olives from the field to make olive oil.