Rogue elephant Laden caught after reign of terror in India

A rogue elephant named after the late al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has been finally caught in a forest area in north-eastern India, news reports said on Monday citing wildlife officials.

Laden, (representational image) which had unleashed a reign of terror on villagers of Goalpara district in Assam by killing several people, was captured in Rongjuli forest in an operation that began on Saturday.

Forest officials used drones and domesticated elephants to catch Laden.
In the latest attack last month, Laden killed five villagers including three women. The elephant had also destroyed crops in different areas in Goalpara.

The elephant has been tranquilised and it will soon be released into a forest area totally devoid of human habitation, officials said.

Deforestation and loss of habitat are driving elephants into Goalpara leading to deaths of villagers in accidental encounters with them.

 Many elephants too are killed when they try to break through electric fences to raid crops or walk across unmanned rail crossings in search of food and water.

Man-elephant conflict has killed some 2,300 people and 700 pachyderms in India .in the past five years, according to official figures.