Rival protests held in Germany after girl killed by Afghan asylum seeker

Rival protests were held on Sunday over asylum seekers in the German town of Kandel where a 15-year-old local girl was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend, an Afghan asylum seeker, in December last year, dpa reports. Hundreds of protesters converged at the town’s market square carrying banners reading “Open borders are insane, who is protecting our country?” and “Security for women and our nation,” while others held signs stating “Stand up against racism”. The local girl was approached by her former boyfriend in a local drugstore on December 27 and stabbed in the heart. Before her death, the girl filed a police complaint against her ex-boyfriend for insulting, threatening and harassing her. The Afghan national claims to be of the same age as the girl and this has sparked calls for mandatory medical exams to determine the age of migrants. Many migrants claim to be minors to improve their chances of gaining asylum. Opposition is growing against Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to admit hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers in 2015.  Amid coalition talks, her conservatives and Social Democrats have now virtually agreed to put a cap on the asylum seekers entering Germany each year at 220,000.