Python falls through bank’s ceiling during meeting

Pythons often spring on its victims from a tree before coiling around them. In China, one such nonvenomous snake accidently fell through a bank’s ceiling when employees were holding a morning meeting, CCTV reports.

The incident happened around 8.15 am on Friday in the Xin Cheng branch of China’s Industrial and Commercial Bank in Nanning, capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

Footage from surveillance cameras shows a giant snake dropping near a group of employees who are standing in a room and holding an informal meeting. After a moment’s shock, the horrified staff flee as the 1.5-metre snake starts moving across the room towards a pair of sofas.

Members of the wildlife protection group arrive soon, capture the python curled up in a corner of the room and place it in a transparent bag.

They suspect the python may have been reared by someone living nearby. The python might have been hunting for food when it accidently fell through the ceiling.

The reptile was handed over to the region’s Wildlife Rescue Research and Epidemic Monitoring Centre for disposal.

This is the second time the Nanning branch of the bank had a slithery visitor. Police are investigating how the snake entered the building.

Since the python fell on the floor, no one was injured.