Putin assures better life for Russians as he begins 4th term

Vladimir Putin assured Russians better life in a free society that accepts everything new and progressive and rejects injustice soon after he took the oath of office on Monday to serve his fourth term as president.

Putin said his priority will be strengthening Russia’s economy which suffered after Western nations imposed sanctions over Crimea and global oil prices crashed.

He said Russia had repeatedly overcome harsh periods and every time it rose like a phoenix from the flame.

Businesses are expecting extensive reforms during Putin’s fourth term which he said will be his last.

Putin said Russia needs breakthroughs in all spheres of life to make giant strides.

The swearing-in ceremony in Kremlin was attended by about 5,000 guests. Putin is expected to reappoint incumbent Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, and the Russian parliament has already called a special sitting on Tuesday to vote on the appointment.