Potsdam parcel bomb aimed at blackmailing DHL

Potsdam (Germany): A suspicious package that sparked panic and evacuation at a Christmas market here on Friday was not linked to terrorism but part of an attempt to blackmail shipping major DHL, Karl-Heinz Schroeter, the interior minister of Brandenburg, said. The package, which was delivered to a pharmacy near the market, did not explode after making a hissing sound when opened. A similar parcel had been found in the eastern city of Frankfurt/Oder last month. The blackmailers demanded “a sum amounting to several million euros” from DHL and threatened to send more such parcel bombs during Christmas season. People have been warned not to open suspicious shipments where the sender’s names and other details are unclear, missing, unfamiliar or wrongly spelt. If the package contains protruding wires, they should immediately call the police.