PM hopeful Boris asked to explain domestic row

Contender for next British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, above, suffered a setback at the first hustings in Birmingham on Saturday as fellow Tory members wanted to know more about his domestic feud and the police visit at home the night before than his plans for the country’s growth, multiple reports say.

He dodged their questions on what happened between him and his partner Carrie Symonds that sparked a noisy, late night altercation prompting a neighbour to call police.

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, another contender for the prime minister’s post, said Johnson must answer the questions that could help Tory members understand more about his character if he wants to lead them and the country.

Hunt’ supporters lost no time to call Johnson a potential security risk because of his private life adding that, if elected as Prime Minister, he could become an easy target for blackmail by foreign powers.

Johnson evaded questions on his domestic row by saying the Birmingham crowd was eagerly waiting to hear him speak about his plans for the country.

Johnson said people are entitled to ask questions about his character, adding that in politics, he always kept promises and delivered.

Although Johnson is expected to win the prime ministerial race, an opinion poll conducted by Survation on Friday showed his lead over Hunt plunge from 27% to 11% among party members after the domestic row.

The late night feud

Police said they arrived at Johnson’s property in south London responding to a call from a neighbour at 12.24am on Friday.

The caller heard screams, shouts and bangs coming from Johnson’s home and was concerned for the welfare of Symonds.

The neighbour, who recorded the altercation, told the Guardian that Symonds was heard telling Johnson to “get off me” and “get out of my flat” to which Johnson said “no.”

Johnson asked Symonds to “get off my laptop.”

Symonds was heard on tape telling Johnson that he had ruined a sofa with red wine.

Police, however, found the couple safe and well. There were no complaints and no cause for police action.

Symonds and Johnson were seen together at public events in recent weeks.