Pakistani terrorists planning attack on Indian Navy: report

India has beefed up security along its border with Pakistan and the coastline following an intelligence report that Pakistan’s state-run Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is training a group of Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorists in deep sea diving to launch attacks on Indian Navy’s “strategic” assets, media reports say. Citing India’s Multi Agency Centre that coordinates intelligence between security agencies, a TV station said the threat is specific and the Indian Navy has been alerted. Naval ships are equipped with diver detection sonar systems to alert personnel on divers, submerged swimmer delivery vehicles and other underwater threats posed by terrorists. Warships moored near ports often become vulnerable to terror strikes as the vessels would not be able to manoeuvre fast in an emergency in the limited space. The suicide attack on US Navy destroyer USS Cole during a refuelling stop in Yemen’s port city of Aden in 2000 is a case in point. Seventeen sailors were killed in the attack. The Indian intelligence report assumes significance as general election in Pakistan is just a week away. If the PML-N party of the jailed former prime minister Nawaz Sharif retains power with a thumping majority, the all-powerful military may take over Islamabad.