Oxford Circus station reopens after panic over ‘gunfire’

London:  Oxford Circus subway station reopened over an hour after a suspected altercation at a platform triggered false alarms of gunfire and sent panicked rush-hour commuters and Black Friday shoppers fleeing down Oxford Street.
Police, who swooped down on the station and street responding to multiple reports of shots being fired, found no evidence of shots, casualties or suspects.
One commuter with leg injuries was moved to a trauma centre while eight others were taken to local hospitals for minor injuries.
Police are seeking information from commuters who happened to be at the sub-way station during the pandemonium. After they released images of the suspects involved in the platform altercation, two people attended a police station voluntarily.
Since London has witnessed a string of terror attacks this year, the Metropolitan Police responded to the gunshot alerts on Friday as if it was an act of terrorism.
After reaching Oxford Street, they bolted shoppers inside stores to keep them away from harm.