Over 400 buffaloes drown after being chased by lions in Botswana border

About 400 buffaloes, above (Image: Twitter/@BWGovernment), drowned in Chobe River after being chased by lions near Botswana’s border with Namibia on Tuesday night, reports said citing authorities.

People of Kavulavula village in Nambia discovered hundreds of buffalo carcasses floating in Chobe River early on Wednesday and alerted the authorities.

It was a cloudy night on Tuesday and the scared animals blindly ran to save their lives without realising the presence of a river ahead.

Confirming the drowning, a spokesman of the Namibian environment ministry, Romeo Muyunda, told The Namibian that when the buffaloes reached the Namibian side, the river bank was so steep they could not climb out and ended up drowning.

The loss of so many buffaloes, which is part of the region’s heritage and pride, was most unfortunate, Muyunda said.

Botswana wildlife authorities were immediately alerted about the incident, he added.

After checking whether the carcasses were fit for human consumption, Namibian authorities allowed local villagers to take them home.

Botswana’s environment ministry said mass drowning are not unusual in the Chobe River. But the number of deaths is unusually high this time.

Chobe River flows along the Chobe National Park, a major tourist attraction known for its large number of elephants, giraffe, sable and buffalo.