Multilateralism is the way forward, Macron tells US

In a veiled attack on Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda that promotes nationalism and isolationism, visiting French president, Emmanuel Macron, urged the US to return to the path of multilateralism instead of indulging in trade war.

The remarks came as a pleasant surprise to lawmakers who listened to his speech to the joint session of the US Congress on  Wednesday. They revealed that despite Macron’s warm relationship with Trump, their embraces and the clink of the glasses, his view of the world was different from that of  the US president.

Macron said France and the US can build the 21st century world order based on a more effective,  accountable, and result-oriented multilateralism.

Trump is the other extreme: he has problems with trade deals, climate accords, the UN and EU.

Macron told the US Congress that France will not scrap the nuclear deal. On Tuesday, he said France will consider a new deal with Iran as suggested by Trump.