MS-13 gang beheaded Hispanic man, ripped out his heart: police

Miguel Lopez-Abrego

Wheaton, Maryland: Shocking details have emerged of how a Hispanic man was lured and brutally killed by a 10-member MS-13 street gang at Silver Spring Park last spring.
One of the alleged killers, 19-year-old Miguel Angel Lopez-Abrego, appeared before a Maryland court on Wednesday after his arrest on November 11 in North Carolina. He was charged with first-degree murder and was ordered held without bond. Montgomery County Police said Abrego, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, was the first to attack the victim with a knife. The man was stabbed 100 times, beheaded and his heart ripped out before he was buried. According to a gang informant, the man, yet to be identified, was lured into the park by the gang which had already dug the grave for him. Abrego alerted them about his arrival. The informant led the police to the grave on September 5 and gave them the details of the gory murder. However, he was unable to explain the motive for the killing.