MPs to vote on Brexit extension after no-deal option rejected

British MPs are set decide on Thursday whether they are willing to back May’s revised Brexit deal by 20 March and want the withdrawal plan to be delayed to reach a consensus.

The vote on Brexit extension comes a day after they rejected no-deal Brexit by 43 votes.

If MPs vote for extension, Britain will not leave EU on March 29 as planned. The extension may be short or quite long depending on whether MPs back May’s deal in the coming days.

Several cabinet ministers, including Philip Hammond, are seeking extra time to reach consensus among parties.

But a longer extension means UK will have to take part in European parliament elections.

A third vote on Prime Minister Theresa May’s revised withdrawal deal will be held on March 20.

In the meantime, EU seeks to know what the UK wants after MPs rejected May’s revised Brexit deal and voted down no-deal withdrawal.

The bloc believes a vote against no deal is not enough. Britain has to agree to an amended deal ready to be signed by EU.

EU is unlikely to entertain any more assurances and interpretations to the withdrawal deal.

It also wants more clarity from Britain on the nature of relationship the country wants with the grouping after its exit.

According to May, a no-deal Brexit could only be avoided by agreeing to a deal or cancelling Brexit.