Millions mourn the death of one and only Grumpy Cat

A feline with a frown that launched a thousand memes and made her famous as ‘Grumpy Cat’, above, died on Tuesday at the age of seven due to a urinary tract infection, her human family announced on Thursday on the cat’s social media accounts.

Grumpy Cat, originally named Tardar Sauce, died peacefully in the arms of Tabatha Bundesen, her owner, in Arizona.

Bundesen tweeted that the cat helped millions of people smile even in hard times.

Grumpy Cat was viewed by millions within hours after Bundesen’s brother posted her first image as a kitten on Reddit in 2012.

The feline’s famous frown earned her 1.5 million Twitter followers and 8.3 million Facebook fans over the years.

Grumpy Cat was invited to festivals, movie premiers, Hollywood Christmas parade and Madame Tussaud’s to unveil her own wax likeness.

She appeared in a movie on her and was the subject of a   New York Times bestselling book.

Endless products including socks, T-shirts, pillows, pens, mugs and bags carrying her image and ennui-filled slogans were sold like hot cakes.

Her owner Tabatha Bundesen,whoused to workas a waitress, quit her job as he became wealthy within months after the cat became famous.

Bundesen denied reports that she made a fortune from the cat’s fame and declined to say how much her cat earned.

Bundesen once said Grumpy was a pleasant cat adding that her perpetual frown was because of a combination of underbite and feline dwarfism.

The Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Le Monde and Kommersant carried obituaries on the unique cat that stole the hearts of millions.