Merkel heads to G-20 summit after another spell of tremors

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, above, suffered second spell of tremors in ten days at a public function in Berlin on Thursday, raising questions about her health, reports say.

The incident happened hours before Merkel, 65, left for Oskaka in Japan to take part in the G-20 Summit.

The severe shaking, which lasted two minutes, occurred during a ceremony at the official residence of President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Merkel started to tremble during the president’s brief speech on the appointment of Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht.

She kept folding her arms to stop her tremors which ended only after she started to move again.

She refused to have a glass of water.

A government spokesman said Merkel is quite well.

The Chancellor was seen shaking on June 18 just before the arrival of Ukraine’s new President Volodymyr Zelensky in Germany.

She linked her tremors then to the hot weather and her failure to drink enough water.

Later, she felt better after having three glasses of water.

Although a heat wave is sweeping Germany, the weather was cool in Berlin on Thursday.

In June 2017, Merkel’s legs shook while she was inspecting the guard of honour during her visit to Mexico. Her trembling was then related to Mexico City’s high altitude.

In 2014, her television interview was briefly halted after she fell ill.

Doctors have refused to comment on the health of Merkel who is a strong woman working long hours in office.

Amid health concerns, Merkel has a busy schedule ahead. After the G-20 Summit, Merkel will go to Brussels to discuss the future leader of the European Commission.

Her term as chancellor ends in 2021.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, new chief of the Christian Democratic Union, is likely to lead the party into the 2021 general elections.