McMaster to ‘retire’, Bolton named Trump’s security adviser

US National Security Adviser HR McMaster (pictured) will be replaced by John R. Bolton, a former ambassador to UN, next month, President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday.

McMaster has done “an outstanding job and will always remain my friend,” Trump said. McMaster wanted to retire after serving the nation for 34 years, a White House official said.

But a personality clash may have led to McMaster’s early exit, media reports indicate. McMaster, a thinker with a Ph.D. in military history, believed in discipline and order. Trump, on the other hand, is straight-talking man who does not believe in conventions and discipline. It seems he did not like McMaster’s rigid approach to issues.

For instance, McMaster did not want the US to rush into talks with North Korea now. He wanted Pyongyang to be brought down to its knees before such talks.

Bolton is a Bush-era hawk who advocated for war with Iraq in 2003 and is a tough negotiator.

Last week, Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, replacing him with CIA director Mike Pompeo, ahead of a potential meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Many Trump aides have been fired or forced out amid a major reshuffle. The question is who is next on the firing line.

The latest official to be scaked was Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. He returned home early from an official visit to Africa after being unceremoniously removed.

On Thursday (March 22), in his farewell speech, he told hundreds of State Department workers not to let anyone violate their integrity.

“This (Washington DC) can be a very mean-spirited town,” Tillerson added, amid laughter at first and then applause.