Mary Lou McDonald replaces Gerry Adams as Sinn Féin leader

Irish republican politician Gerry Adams on Saturday handed over the leadership of Sinn Féin to Mary Lou McDonald (pictured) after 35 years as president. Over 2,000 Sinn Féin delegates assembled in Dublin’s RDS arena cheered as McDonald, in her first speech as president, said she wanted to secure and win a referendum on Irish unity with respect, graciousness and generosity. Brexit is a real threat to the prosperity, economic, social and political life of Ireland, she said. Calling Adams her political mentor, inspirational leader and great friend, she said there would be no Good Friday agreement, no peace process without Gerry Adams. While others said it was impossible, Gerry Adams, along with Martin McGuinness, John Hume and indeed others, bravely walked the path to peace. Adams said on the eve of the handover that he was confident McDonald would make Sinn Féin even bigger and stronger.