Man who swam naked at aquarium wanted for assault

Toronto police are looking for a 5-foot-10 man in his late 30s with a shaved head, goatee, tattoo on his lower leg and a missing front tooth for assaulting a man at a popular dinner attraction on Friday night.

Hours later, the attacker made a splash by swimming naked in a tank full of sharks at an aquarium, local reports say.

On Monday, they identified him as David Weaver, 37, above, (Photo credit: Toronto Police Service) of Nelson, British Columbia.

Around 8 pm on Friday, Weaver was asked to leave Medieval Times for causing nuisance to clients who came to dine and watch shows featuring heroic knights on horses displaying athletic feats and swordplay.

Weaver returned later, smashed two glass doors and assaulted a man outside the venue so hard that he had to be taken to hospital with black eyes and a broken tooth.

Weaver then fled the area and arrived at Ripley’s Aquarium five kilometres east of Medieval Times.

Patrons of the aquarium were enjoying the Friday special jazz event and watching the marine life when they were surprised by a naked human swimming close to deadly sharks. Soon after his arrival at the aquarium, Weaver had dropped his drawers and jumped into a 766,000-gallon tank that houses 17 sharks and other sea life.

Despite repeated requests from the aquarium staff to come out of water, the exhibitionist continued his exploits as some onlookers stood horrified while others laughed. Many thought the swimmer may be insane or drunk.

Around 10.30 pm, police received a call from Ripley’s and they forced Weaver to leave the facility.

Reports say the aquarium will press charges against him for putting the safety of himself, the aquarium staff and marine animals in jeopardy.