Lacoste shows concern for most endangered species on the planet

French fashion brand Lacoste showed its concern for animals by swapping the crocodile logo on its shirts for the first time for 10 of the most endangered species on the planet, AFP reports. The green Lacoste crocodile was replaced by the Sumatran tiger, the Javan rhino and the Cao Vit gibbon on the chest of its classic white polo shirts in a limited edition charity tie-in with the Save Our Species conservation group. Most of the polo shirts were sold out within hours of going on sale for $183 on Wednesday. Designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista said it is gratifying that one can do something for these animals. For the Portuguese designer, the inspiration for the main collection came from the 50,000 trees the Lacoste family planted around their golf course at Saint-Jean-de-Luz in southwest France during World War II. One of the endangered species featuring on Lacoste clothing is the Vietnamese saola, which is a cross between a cow, a goat and a gazelle.