Kim threatens to cancel Trump talks over military drills

In the first sign of trouble in inter-Korea peace initiative,  North has cancelled high-level talks with South on Wednesday in protest against Max Thunder drills which began between Seoul and Washington on Friday, its state media KCNA reported.

The talks were supposed to be a follow-up of the historic inter-Korea summit held last month.

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un (pictured right) also threatened to call off a summit with US President Donald Trump in Singapore on June 12 over the drills.

Pyongyang described the drills as a provocation amid positive political development on the Korean peninsula. Such a move after the historic inter-Korea summit is disappointing, the agency said.

About 100 warplanes including B-52 strategic nuclear bombers and F-22 Raptor stealth fighters began the military drills on Friday.

The US and South Korea say such drills are for defence purposes based on a mutual agreement signed in 1953. They see the exercises as necessary to strengthen their readiness in case of an external attack.

But North Korea sees it  as a threat against it and a mockery of the Panmunjom Declaration that pledges to avoid military tensions in the peninsula and make efforts for peace, prosperity and reunification  of the Koreas.