Kim takes train to Vietnam for second summit with Trump

Putting an end to speculation over the green and yellow armoured train that chugged across China, North Korea said on Sunday their leader Kim Jong-un is on it heading to Vietnam for his second summit with US President Donald Trump.

The Korea Central News Agency confirmed Kim’s departure from Pyongyang railway station on Saturday by publishing a photo of him waving from the train as a military honour guard saw him off.

Speculation about Kim’s train journey to Vietnam started after a South Korean news site said his armoured train crossed the Yalu Friendship Bridge at the North Korea-China border city of Dandong on Saturday. Windows on the train were blacked out with only headlights turned on as it crossed.

Dandong station witnessed strong security presence as the train arrived. The route of the train through China remained a closely-guarded secret. The usual security presence at Beijing station indicated that the train bypassed the Chinese capital.

Kim’s train is expected to arrive in Hanoi on Tuesday. His negotiating team has already arrived in Hanoi ahead of the talks between Trump and Kim to be held on Feb 27 and 28.

Trump and Kim had met in Singapore in June last year but their talks did not make much headway on denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

Kim’s late father and grandfather always travelled abroad by train instead of by air. In March last year, Kim travelled by train to Beijing