Kenyan officials to face fresh lie detector test: Kenyatta

Kenyan officials in charge of procurement and accounts in government departments and agencies will have to undergo fresh polygraph test to prove their integrity and suitability, President Uhuru Kenyatta (pictured) says.

Those who fail the test will be suspended, the president said.

The announcement came as Kenyatta led the nation on Friday to mark Madaraka Day when Kenya attained internal self-rule after decades as a British colony on 1 June 1963.

Addressing the gathering at Kinoru Stadium in Meru County, Kenyatta said Kenyans have to fight the menace of corruption the same way their forefathers fought colonialism. If they fail, corruption will destroy the country.

Some of those whom the nation trusted to run institutions and manage resources turned looters. People were denied basic facilities because of the selfishness, greed and misuse of power by a few. This will no longer be tolerated, Kenyatta said.

A new team of investigators and prosecutors is taking decisive steps to build strong cases for the prosecution of corrupt officials. The judiciary is also with the government in the fight against corruption.

Some senior officials have been arrested and more arrests are likely. Those directly involved in corruption will be jailed. Such tough measures will make Kenya a fair and honest country, Kenyatta said.