Karnataka CM Yeddyurappa quits before trust vote

Karnataka Chief Minister and senior BJP leader BS Yeddyurappa stepped down even before the trust vote as he realised that his party does not have the numbers to prove majority in the assembly.

In an emotional speech, Yeddyurappa said people blessed his party with 104 seats in the recent assembly elections. The mandate was not for the Congress or the JD(S). The governor invited him to form the government because BJP emerged as the single-largest party.

Yeddyurappa said he is resigning adding that till his last breath, he would work for the people of Karnataka. He then broke down.

Since BJP is out of the picture now, Congress and JD(S) together with 114 seats can form a government.

After the assembly election results were out on Tuesday, BJP was short by eight seats to reach the magic figure to secure absolute majority.

Realising that they were losing, Congress quickly reached a deal with their rival JD(S) by offering its leader HD Kumaraswamy chief ministership even as counting was still going on. The two parties together had 116 seats to stake claim to form a government.

Instead of allowing them to seek trust vote, Yeddyurappa staked claim to form a government and the governor invited him to to take oath since BJP emerged as the single-largest party in the new assembly.

The governor’s decision was challenged by Congress-JD(S) combine and it forced an unprecedented post-midnight hearing in the Supreme Court. His decision on protem speaker to conduct the floor test was also challenged in the Supreme Court by the Congress-JD(S) combine.

Surprisingly, Yeddyurappa was “100% confident” of passing the trust vote. Since his party had won trust votes on previous occasions, many thought he may have some tricks up his sleeve. But as the day progressed, his confidence ebbed away. Finally, he got direction from the high command in Delhi to step down.

Hours before the floor test, Congress released an audio tape where Yeddyurappa is purportedly heard trying to lure an MLA with the promise of a cabinet post if he backed the BJP government during trust vote.

The BJP rejected the charge, calling the tape the job of “mimicry artistes” and the “dirty tricks department” of the Congress.