Japanese man wants creative minds to join him in SpaceX moon mission

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, who was named SpaceX’s first moon flight passenger on Tuesday, plans to take some creative minds with him on the week-long “epic journey” in 2023.

Maezawa will offer an inspirational moon trip free of cost to six to eight creative people such as artists, architects, musicians, and filmmakers. Each of them will have to create something inspiring to humankind when they return to Earth.

Personally, the mission will be a dream come true for Maezawa who loved the moon ever since he was a child.

His trip on the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) unveiled by Elon  Musk in 2016 will mark the first journey to the Moon by humans after Nasa’s Apollo 17 landing in 1972.

The BFR carrying the founder of Start Today and online fashion retail website Zozotown will orbit the moon without landing.

For Space X, the lunar mission is a big step towards providing access to ordinary people who dream of space travel.

The 118-metre tall, 9-metre diameter, reusable spaceship which is expected to land upright will cost around $5 billion.

Musk said the launch date is subject to change adding that he is not 100% sure BFR will take to the skies.

Describing Maezawa as the “bravest person” and the “best adventurer”, Musk said the entrepreneur stepped forward to undertake the mission and foot the bill.