Ivanka tells NBC question on her father’s sexual misconduct ‘inappropriate’

Ivanka Trump (pictured) dismissed as irrelevant a question posed by a journalist on Sunday whether she believes her father’s denials of sexual misconduct.

In an exclusive interview with NBC News, Trimp called the question inappropriate to ask a daughter adding that she believes her father.

The president has been accused of inappropriate behaviour by some women before he took office. He has denied all allegations.

The interview by Peter Alexander took place in South Korea where she had led the US presidential delegation to the closing ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games on Sunday.

Next Alexander asked Trump, mother of three young children, whether she, like her father, thinks arming teachers with firearms would make schools safer.

She said to make it possible, high standards have to be set for teachers who would be eligible to carry arms in schools. For ensuring safety in schools, one solution alone would not do.

Asked whether she has any suggestion to her father on school safety, Trump said it is a good idea to have teachers who are skilled in using arms and who care about students’ safety. But the idea needs to be discussed, she said.

On the tension building up between the US and North Korea, she said with North just miles away, it is important that Washington affirms its position as well as its joint position with South Korea to mount pressure on Pyongyang.

During a dinner soon after her arrival in South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s official residence,

Trump told him that she would use her time in his country fruitfully by persuading North Korea to halt its nuclear program.

Trump said she did not like Kim Jong-un’s sister being called ‘North Korea’s Ivanka’ adding that such comparison would have been most welcome with any South Korean woman.

When her attention was drawn to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, Trump echoed her father’s view that “there was no collusion” between Moscow and the Donald Trump presidential campaign.