It’s people’s victory, not Modi’s: PM

India won the general elections, not an individual or party, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi to jubilant supporters who kept chanting his name as the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) secured absolute majority, a first in 50 years.  

Thanking voters for giving him a second term, Modi said this is people’s historic victory. He credited it to farmers toiling in the fields to feed the nation, families who finally got a proper house, toilet and power connection, millions in the unorganised sector who came under the pension scheme and the middle class who follow rules and pay taxes. 

The massive mandate BJP got this time calls for greater responsibility by the party in building a new India, Modi said, adding that he will continue to devote his time and energy for the welfare of the people.

Previous governments played caste politics to divide society and gain votes. Now the country will have only two castes — those who want to come out of poverty and those who pull them out of the misery.

In 2014, people voted for change. Now they voted for its good governance, Modi said.

He promised people never to do anything with ill intention or for personal gain and to work hard to push the country forward.