Islamic State not finished yet after fall of its last bastion

The Islamic State on Saturday lost their last territory in eastern Syria to US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), news reports say.

But the fight against the dreaded group is not over yet as its sleeper cells still pose a threat, said SDF.

An SDF spokesman on Saturday confirmed the liberation of Baghouz village on the Euphrates River along the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Soldiers celebrated the landmark victory and end of their military mission by raising SDF’s yellow flags in Baghouz.

SDF said they will continue the fight against Islamic State till all their sleeper cells are destroyed and the last member of the group is eliminated.

The Islamic State may regroup in a few years if Syrian conflict is not resolved, Iraq has a weak and corrupt government and brutality against local communities continue forcing them to embrace the extremist ideology.

However, such regrouping may not be easy as Islamic State has lost the goodwill of the people for the terrible things it did after seizing vast areas of land in Syria and Iraq and proclaimed a ‘caliphate’ in 2014.

The Syrian forces will have to the show the same will power and strength once US troops leave the country.

The Islamic State group still has a large presence in Sinai Peninsula in Egypt and Nangarhar province in Afghanistan.

Its members bomb Coptic churches, Shia and Sufi mosques, kill security forces and kidnap tourists and embassy officials. They have also shot down a passenger plane carrying Russian tourists home over Sinai in October 2015 killing all 224 people on board.