Indian PM’s ‘TOP’ plan for vegetable growers draws offensive tweet

After India’s federal government presented a pro-farmer budget last week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi (pictured) spelt out his government’s ‘TOP’ priority while addressing a party rally in poll-bound Karnataka on Sunday. Those growing vegetables and fruits are among the government’s TOP priority, he said, expanding the acronym as ‘T’ for Tomato, ‘O’ for Onion and ‘P’ for potato. He said whichever part of India ones goes, these three vegetables are very much visible. He then explained the government’s new initiative mentioned in the budget ‘Operation Greens’. Just as ‘Operation Flood’ launched in 1970 helped dairy farmers direct their own development, placing control of the resources they create in their own hands, ‘Operation Greens’ would prove beneficial for vegetable growers, the Prime Minister said. But Modi’s ‘TOP’ plan did not seem to impress rival Congress party. Divya Spandana, who heads the Social Media and Digital Communications of the Congress, tweeted with a ‘POT’ attack on Modi, “Is this what happens when you’re on POT?” Without giving due respect to his position, she was asking Modi whether he was on drugs.  BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said Spandana’s tweet exposed the mindset of the Congress party.