Indian exit polls predict big win for BJP in Gujarat, Himachal

Exit polls in crucial provincial elections in the Indian states of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh have predicted a comfortable victory for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Soon after voting ended in Gujarat in the second and final phase of the assembly elections on Thursday, an exit poll by Times Now-VMR predicted 115 seats for the BJP and 64 for the Congress, with the remaining seats going to other parties. The Republic-C Voter Exit Poll gave the BJP 115 seats and the Congress, 65. The ABP-CSDS survey by ABP News predicted a BJP victory in 117 seats against the Congress’s 64. NDTV channel said the BJP is likely to get 112 seats and the Congress 70. A survey by India Today’s ‘Aaj Tak’ news channel said the BJP would emerge as the winner in 99-113 assembly segments in the state while the Congress could win 68-82 seats. BJP is set to come back in Congress-ruled Himachal Pradesh. According to Times-Now,  BJP is expected to win 51 seats and improve its vote share to 47.5% from 38.5 per cent. The ruling Congress party is likely to lose power and be reduced to 16 seats.