Indian army warns of Chinese WhatsApp hackers

The Indian Army has released a video accusing the Chinese of hacking into WhatsApp, the social messaging app, to steal people’s personal information. In a video posted on Twitter, the Additional Directorate General of Public Interface, the army’s official handle, wrote, “The Chinese use all kinds of platforms to penetrate your digital world. WhatsApp groups are a new way of hacking into your system. Chinese numbers starting with +86 barge into your groups and start extracting all the data.”  “Destroy the SIM card if you change your number, and delete your WhatsApp on that number,” the army said in the video which did not specify whether the hackers are backed by the Chinese state. Earlier this month, the Australian military banned employees from using WeChat, a popular Chinese social media platform, until officials complete a security assessment of the application. The Australian government recently stopped using phones from Chinese phone manufacturers Huawei and ZTE, which have both been accused of allowing the Chinese government to conduct espionage though their products.